5 Delicious Veggies You’ve Never Heard Of—And Need to Try

I’ve only had the Plouts

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Apples and spinach have you bored out of your gourd? Thanks to creative crossbreeding, there’s a handful of new fruits and veggies popping up at farmer’s markets and grocery stories—and they’re worth sinking your teeth into. (Cotton candy-flavored grapes, anyone?!) “Some of [these hybrids] even offer superior nutrition compared to their old school counterparts,” says Wendy Bazilian, RD, author of Superfoods RX Diet ($26, amazon.com). Break free of your broccoli-and-peas rut with these five fresh new ways to get your five a day.

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With a purple sprout base, leafy green top, and nutty, slightly sweet taste, Kalettes are the love child of kale and Brussels sprouts.

Nutrition perks: This veggie mash-up has more protein and vitamin C than kale. And because Kalettes lack the bitter taste of Brussels sprouts and other leafy greens, Bazilian calls them “the perfect gateway veggie.” (Read:…

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