Back in 2016

I took a long hiatus in my running, but I took a longer hiatus for my writing, so this is a short and cordial letter to let all my friends know that I am back.

I loathe to admit that I hit my highest weight of 185lbs, but I have curbed my eating some and I have started running again (since late May). I dropped about 5lbs thus far, but I am not really concerned for the numbers so far as how I feel.

So how’s life, right? Well it’s been pretty shit-tastic. My grandfather broke his hip and needs 24hr monitoring. I’m more stressed out that I have ever been. Everyday is difficult in a heart wrenching, soul searing way.

So I’m doing my best to stay on the bright side and find things to be thankful for everyday. Some of this is trying to run everyday for a month, since I generally feel better after the good Zen that comes with it. I’m on day 5, even be running sick the last 3 days. Since I started in the end of May, I’ve done about 70 miles. I’m trying to keep positive, because before my daughter, that would have been a 2 week total. But just like before my daughter, I’ll work up from the bottom to double digits.

Next post will probably be about how I may have saved lives in the middle of this post. Then, I’m going to talk about my favorite running app eva!



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