Amber Alert issued for two Massachusetts children

WPRI 12 Eyewitness News

ABINGTON, Mass. (WPRI) — Massachusetts State Police activated an Amber Alert Thursday for two children taken from a home in Abington.

Abington police responded to a home on Walnut Street after it was reported that Bruna Gomes allegedly assaulted the caretaker of her children and took them from the residence, according to Mass. State Police.

Gomes, 33, with a last known address in Everett, was last seen Thursday afternoon driving a blue 2007 Nissan Quest minivan with Massachusetts registration 985TM9 in the area of Main Street in West Yarmouth. The photo to the right is a similar vehicle to what Gomes is driving, not the actual vehicle.

2007 Nissan Quest similar to one driven by Gomes (Photo: Hudson Nisson, North Charleston, N.C.) 2007 Nissan Quest similar to one driven by Gomes (Photo: Hudson Nisson, North Charleston, N.C.)

Police said Nathan Coelho is 8 years old, stands 4-foot-10 to 5-feet tall, weighs about 50 pounds, and has brown hair and brown eyes. He was last seen…

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The Catch

Last Sunday, I ran a 5k. For all those runners who are broke as f*ck, you can generally get in a race free if you volunteer for an related event (in case you didn’t know). I ran a 39min 5k; this free race is fairly hilly and my normal home route. I feel like “yay, I did a 5k” and “what a terrible pace I did”.

I also did another run, but welched on more. I did invite a running group, even though no one showed, I actually stayed to do it. The  whole accountability thing works.

TTYS Jackie

Last Ditch effort.

I have been so lazy lately. I’m not exercising. I am eating excessively. I hate my body.

So in order to motivate myself, I put into my groups (Special Needs and a Mom group) that I am going for a run. I invited everyone to come. Not a bite yet, but I put it so if someone responds, I have to go.

Out of Steam

Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit. I had an awful set of runs last month and I’m finding it have to find the steam to keep pushing. The lack of weightloss after the baby and lack of exercise have also been aggrevating my eating disorder, so I have been in a circle of convincing myself to eat then getting so disgusted that I say “F* it” and gorge. Gorging, of course, only makes me more anxious and upset with myself. Then I have to convince myself to eat again.

The runs, well… it was almost litteral. Last run I had, I suddenly had to go. I even went to hide in a bush in desperation, but could not find a place where no one would see. Got through the mile to the restrooms with a duck walk as I figured out how to pick my son up from school when I shit my pants (I was pretty convinced). Fortunately, I made it to the bathroom… and it was closed. I ended up with the baby on my knee in a port-a-potty (which I had to wait for). It was the most terrible run; it was tramatic.

The run before that? I ran a little over a mile out before the baby began to wail. I carried her almost a mile.

I have, however, tried to set up a few exercise meet-ups in a local group, so maybe that will pan out.

Wish me luck.

5 Mistakes I make Running

I was perusing the interwebs in my normal computer time way when I came across an article about what trainers do post work out. It gave me inspiration on maybe listing some of my personal faux paus when I run.

1. I almost never stretch post run. I do a cool down walk, but I rarely take the time to stretch post workout now. I can certainly feel the lack, as many parts of my body hurt. It’s probably much worse with the stroller.

2. I usually don’t bring water or snacks. I’m bringing water more with the stroller, but even when I would run around 50 miles a week, I would never bring water. I hate carrying it. I don’t even care when I run 14+ miles (3hr+), I wouldn’t do it. I did hydrate pre-run, but I HATE carrying it. And, no, I don’t like wearing it either.

3. My gait is heavier now. I’m working on this.  I used to be better on trails or the road. Treadmill? Total elephant.

4. I wear my shoes too long. I’m poor. I use a normal stroller too. You’ve gotta use what you have.

5. Sometimes, I don’t eat first. Generally, it’s a mistake when I’m in a rush.

What are some of the mistakes you guys make running/working out? I’d love to do a follow up with some additions if I get enough.