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Chocolate Coconut Tart (V, GF)


Holidays are the time to splurge on little indulgences, but when there seems to be a celebration almost every month it can be hard to stay on track. It’s nice when we can just embrace the festivities in full-force without spending the whole meal thinking how many calories we are consuming. I say, enjoy it.

Indulge, savor the moment with friends and family, and then  the next day get right back on your health horse and continue on your nutritious path. Isn’t that what life is all about anyway? Balance.

In my family there are many food intolerances, so whenever there is any sort of gathering we always make an effort to make a meal that everyone can enjoy. Since I am usually in charge of dessert, I always have fun trying to create something that is both delicious and allergy-free.


This year I think I really nailed it with…

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Running Tool

If you are an aficionado of walking, running, or jogging I’ve got just the tool for you.



You can use this website to log your miles, find routes, and various other little things. I discovered it over a year ago, and it is by far the best of all of the free pages I’ve found.

They also have an iphone app (and an andriod one coming soon). I’ve never used it (I don’t partake in the none-fruit apple), but it has pretty good reviews. It’s a $5 dollar app, but it’s cheaper than a gps watch or jawbone, etc…

Anyone else love it too?

Not a Bad Day

I could watch this all day.

Today was a pretty good day. The weather got up to about 48°F and sunny, so I went for a run.

As always, I take some time thinking when I run. Today’s thought “why is this so flippin’ hard?”

Well, I came up with an answer. First, I weigh 30lbs more than before I got pregnant. I was also pushing at least 20lbs of baby and stroller. This means it’s like running with a 50lb vest. Not only that, but it’s not a jogger. Also, it’s incredibly harder to run when you can’t swing your arms.

Overall? 3 miles with 3 short walks on the hills.