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Not a Bad Day

I could watch this all day.

Today was a pretty good day. The weather got up to about 48°F and sunny, so I went for a run.

As always, I take some time thinking when I run. Today’s thought “why is this so flippin’ hard?”

Well, I came up with an answer. First, I weigh 30lbs more than before I got pregnant. I was also pushing at least 20lbs of baby and stroller. This means it’s like running with a 50lb vest. Not only that, but it’s not a jogger. Also, it’s incredibly harder to run when you can’t swing your arms.

Overall? 3 miles with 3 short walks on the hills.

13 Tips for Running With a Jogging Stroller from About.Health

13 Tips for Running With a Jogging Stroller

Marcy Maloy/Photodisc/Getty Images

By Christine Luff
Running & Jogging Expert

It’s always important to be safe when running, but when you’re running with a jogging stroller, you have even more reason to be cautious. Here are some tips to make running with a jogging stroller easier, safe, and comfortable for you and your little one.
1.  Make sure your baby is old enough.
It’s not safe to run with a child under six months in a jogging stroller, unless your stroller has a car seat adapter. Using the jogging stroller with the car seat means that the baby’s head and neck will be stable and he won’t get bounced around too much.

2.  Lock the front wheel.
Some jogging strollers have a fixed front wheel, while others have a switch that allows you to lock and unlock the wheel. When you’re running with the stroller, it’s safest to lock the front wheel in place. This will prevent the stroller from turning suddenly and causing you to crash or fall.

3.  Pack wisely.
Most jogging strollers have a basket underneath, as well as other compartments or holders, so you should have plenty of room for things you might need during your run. Don’t forget diapers, wipes, water (for you and your child), snacks, and a toy or book to entertain your child.
More: Jogging Stroller Accessories

4.  Protect your child from the elements.
Remember that you’ll warm up because you’re running, but your child will not. So bundle her up in the cooler weather. If it’s cold and windy, you may want to use a weather shield for your stroller. On warm days, make sure your child is not overdressed and protected with the stroller’s visor as well as sunscreen. Keep your runs short on very cold or hot days (or leave your child with your spouse or sitter).
5.  Strap your child in with the full harness.
The harness will protect your child from falling out or getting shaken. Even if you’re not moving too quickly, the harness will prevent him from reaching out and getting his fingers caught in the wheels.
6.  Avoid running near cars as much as possible.
It is a good idea to run in parks, bike paths, or other areas where the roads are closed to traffic.
7.  Schedule runs wisely.
Before naptime is often a good time for a run because the movement may put your child to sleep. It’s not a good idea to try to run right before a meal, when your child will be hungry and may not want to sit in the stroller.
8.  Don’t run hands-free.
You may be tempted to push your stroller a little and let it go, so you can run hands-free, but it’s not a good idea. The stroller could easily get away from you, which is unsafe for your child and anyone else around you.
9.  But you can push with one hand.
Pushing a jogging stroller impedes your natural arm swing, which makes it much more tough on your legs. So try pushing the stroller with one arm and swinging with the other. Keep switching arms so you get to work both sides.
10.  Don’t expect to run your usual pace.
You can expect your pace to be at least one minute per mile slower than your normal pace. But you’re burning more calories with your effort and doing some resistance training, so don’t worry about the slower pace. In addition, you’ll find that the more you run with the stroller, the easier it will be.

11.  Be in control of your stroller.
You should never be going so fast that you couldn’t stop the jogging stroller if needed. You’re responsible to use momentum in such a way that you’re always in control of the stroller.
12.  Mix it up a little.
Toddlers and preschoolers may get restless in the stroller, so you may want to let them out and play for a bit during the run. They’ll be much happier and comfortable with a little break mid-run. I like to run a couple of miles to a local park, let my kids out to play for a bit, and then pack them up and run back home.
13.  Follow race rules.
Some road races don’t allow jogging strollers, while others do, but ask runners to start at the back. If you’re going to run in a race with a jogging stroller, stick to the specific rules of the race.

Snuck in a run

Catching up.

I did get some of my list accomplished. I ran some feelers out of getting a reiki certification. I got the ok from my work to go back for Saturdays (still no Friday babysitter). Got a reference. Got an oil change. I know it’s not much but it’s something.

Got some cloths donated to me (most of them fit, but not the ones I liked the most) and bought a few pairs of pants. I found a dress for $5 dollars, but didn’t get it and I totally regret it. I needed pants more and only had $10 bucks left from my birthday. I spent $20 total, the other $40 I got went into my gas tank. I did manage to get a jumper for $10.97 at Target. I was there to look at jumpers, so that was awesome.


I bet I can get someone to give me a $5 so that I can actually go get that dress and one for my god-daughter on Saturday for her party.

Importantly, I actually got in a run.

I also made brownies and ate like a pig.

Maybe it evens out.

A glimmer.

I’ve been having a good week. It’s been a while since I have been able to say that. I finally have plans in my heart again and some urge to complete it. It’s a nice change. My bestie came down from Maine. She basically took me out for an afternoon and let me vent. I think it gave me a little push. I also felt lucky when I got a jumper from Target for 11 buck, which I really needed and the baby actually likes (unlike her bed or the swing).

So the plan starts with my taxes this weekend.

This week, I will call work and leave the case I’m working, because no one will watch my new baby. I’ll offer up working weekends on a new case, because that is the only time I can get babysitting. I will also ask for references.

I will update my resume next week and start looking for new work, hopefully from the hours of 10-2, with maybe a work from home option.

I will go to my local unemployed office and try to get a free ride into CNA or phlebotomy.

I will reapply to college in April to complete my BAs in the fall (I got really ill during my last semester and never returned).

I will do some free college courses in the summer and brush up on my Mandarin

I will use my tax return to get Zumba certified and maybe Reiki certified.

I will use income from those to get Yoga instructor certified and other related certs probably focusing on plus size clients.

This will give me plenty of opportunities for flexible work hours.

So I see a silver lining for the first time in months. Go me.