Running Tool

If you are an aficionado of walking, running, or jogging I’ve got just the tool for you.


You can use this website to log your miles, find routes, and various other little things. I discovered it over a year ago, and it is by far the best of all of the free pages I’ve found.

They also have an iphone app (and an andriod one coming soon). I’ve never used it (I don’t partake in the none-fruit apple), but it has pretty good reviews. It’s a $5 dollar app, but it’s cheaper than a gps watch or jawbone, etc…

Anyone else love it too?


Winter plans.

I am beginning to hate the cold, so I have been racking my brain for something to replace some of my runs until my new gym opens. So until Dec 10th, I need a new plan. I’m shite at the treadmill; it makes me dizzy. I don’t have a gym. So what will I do.


I think that my new run plan is going to be 14/10/5 miles over the week. The really long runs are eating so much time. I think I’m going to either interval train or strength train twice a week. Let me make the goal of a single pull up  in April. I have not been able to do a pull up since I was 18 (and an avid fencer). 


Before I can do swimming and classes in my new gym, I’m going to have to pick up something. I am leaning to pylometric interval training, but I’m afraid that it will make me too sore to run. Anyone else got a good idea? I like yoga, but I don’t think it will give me the strength training I want.


Anyone got any ideas?