Yesterday, I went out and bought some fitness related things. I thought I’d share.


I got this for $18 at Micheals. It’s pretty sweet. I came with a stylus and some fitness related stickers.



I got these 13 dvds at Dollar Tree, so maybe you might want to head out and get some too 🙂


Winter Running

Since many of you are in the deep freeze like me I want to remind you on what to wear. Also, dry gas and a full tank are good ideas too (guess who’s gas lines froze).


Happy New Years Eve!

new year

Say goodbye to 2017! Tonight is the night for booze and new beginnings. As you all watch the music and talk to friends and wait for that ball, I want you to take a deep breath and say “Fuck You 2017!”
Yes, say goodbye to the metaphysical and physical baggage you’ve been carrying around. It’s over whether good or bad so make the best of tonight like it’s a bad 90’s song.

Take small things, tiny changes, and turn them out in a big way!

5 Mistakes I make Running

I was perusing the interwebs in my normal computer time way when I came across an article about what trainers do post work out. It gave me inspiration on maybe listing some of my personal faux paus when I run.

1. I almost never stretch post run. I do a cool down walk, but I rarely take the time to stretch post workout now. I can certainly feel the lack, as many parts of my body hurt. It’s probably much worse with the stroller.

2. I usually don’t bring water or snacks. I’m bringing water more with the stroller, but even when I would run around 50 miles a week, I would never bring water. I hate carrying it. I don’t even care when I run 14+ miles (3hr+), I wouldn’t do it. I did hydrate pre-run, but I HATE carrying it. And, no, I don’t like wearing it either.

3. My gait is heavier now. I’m working on this.  I used to be better on trails or the road. Treadmill? Total elephant.

4. I wear my shoes too long. I’m poor. I use a normal stroller too. You’ve gotta use what you have.

5. Sometimes, I don’t eat first. Generally, it’s a mistake when I’m in a rush.

What are some of the mistakes you guys make running/working out? I’d love to do a follow up with some additions if I get enough.