Winter Running

Since many of you are in the deep freeze like me I want to remind you on what to wear. Also, dry gas and a full tank are good ideas too (guess who’s gas lines froze).



Running Tool

If you are an aficionado of walking, running, or jogging I’ve got just the tool for you.


You can use this website to log your miles, find routes, and various other little things. I discovered it over a year ago, and it is by far the best of all of the free pages I’ve found.

They also have an iphone app (and an andriod one coming soon). I’ve never used it (I don’t partake in the none-fruit apple), but it has pretty good reviews. It’s a $5 dollar app, but it’s cheaper than a gps watch or jawbone, etc…

Anyone else love it too?

WIDT (What I did today)

I worked overnight on Sunday and worked Monday night, so today I was supposed to sleep in. I made it to 9:30am, so it was kinda like sleeping in. I spent most of the day bored, as I said I would in my last post. I showered, I got dressed, what more can you ask?

So I put on some 5in heeled boots and a long jean skirt. This seemed great until I went out. I walked outside to give a ride, and I thought it was soooo nice out. It was 30° out, crisp and clear. Now you have to understand, the way the weather has been recently this was like spring. I didn’t wear a coat!

I knew I had to get in on this action. No running on the baby wait, so I thought, “hey, let me hit that bike path near my brother’s school”. This is wear my choice of garment failed me. Being the person that I am, I went for a walk anyways. I put my coat on, then off, then on; the coat shuffle landed on wearing one though. So I went for a walk.

It ended up to be about an hour and a half walk… in heels. I followed the path then saw a cool cut off. So here I was, in my 5in heels and long skirt, going through the woods. I found a cool wood teepee with a tent inside. It was a fun walk. I guess it’s good that I’m a pro in heels. My feet hurt a bit, but I had a nice trot.

I always liked walking around. It was nice to do it again. Makes me think of my time in CA more than a decade ago. I hope everyone else has a such a good day. Night my WP friends.